Please refer to the internal help firstly, you can find it by the main menu "File" > "Help" > "Help".

>> When I try to start the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" I get the following error "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions", then how to do?

Two ways: 1) Disable User Account Control; 2) Run NetTransport as administrator.

>> How to record Flash movies?

Please start the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" firstly. When you are visiting web pages, it will show the RED actual playing links, then click "Download" button. You'd better use this feature to find and record Flash movies.

>> Why the browser embedded player can play, but Transport can't?

  • For Microsoft Media Service, please try the below steps:
  1. Rename protocol header from "mms" to "rtsp", this can get the best performance.
  2. Keep protocol header "mms", and check "Other Settings > Streaming > via HTTP" in the task "Properties" dialog. This way also has better performance. And it is very useful in LAN, if your network administrator allows to access only Web pages.
  3. Use the pure mms protocol.
  4. Rename protocol header to "http", and select "NSPlayer/" from "Other Settings > Streaming > User-Agent" in the task "Properties" dialog.
  • For RealMedia, please try the below steps:
  1. Use the pure rtsp protocol, this is the first choice.
  2. Check "Other Settings > Streaming > via HTTP" in the task "Properties" dialog to use HTTP tunnel. This feature is very useful in LAN, if your network administrator allows to access only Web pages.
  3. Rename protocol header to "http", and select "RMA/1.0 (compatible; RealMedia)" from "Other Settings > Streaming > User-Agent" in the task "Properties" dialog.
  • For MP3 (Shoutcast), please select "WinampMPEG/5.0" from "Other Settings > Streaming > User-Agent" in the task "Properties" dialog.

>> How to capture streaming URLs? Or how to start?

The best way is to use the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" feature. When you are surfing, it will parse every Web page to show found URLs in the result list.

At presently the inbuilt "URL-Sniffer" can explore such resources as MMS, RTSP, Flash, etc very accurately.

>> Why NetTransport displays "Invalid argument" when I start the inbuilt "URL Sniffer"?

You must have the below conditions:

  1. Sniffer is available only in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and later versions of Windows.
  2. This feature requires Administrator privilege on the local computer.
  3. Your computer must be installed at least one network adapter, except the wireless network card.

>> Cool features

  1. Streaming download.
  2. FTP is an excellent feature with the flexible "Site Manager", supports SSL, SSH.
  3. "Schedule Manager" is also cool, you can start a job at any time. Even you can record the dynamic URL according to time and save it as your desire filename.

>> How to register, and how to remove advertisement bar?

Recommend upgrade to the latest version firstly. The registration information has 2 lines text, encoded by BASE64, one is short, the other is long, no return, no wrap. In the "Register" dialog, please paste the short one into "Part 1", paste the long one into "Part 2", then click "Enter". If your registration name is shown after "Licensed to:", registration has been successful.

For register user only. Please uncheck the main menu "Tools/Scroll Advertisement" to close the advertisement bar.

>> How to change the default download folder?

From 2.01, I removed the "Path" field in the "Options/Download". You can just change the "Directory" of root node "Job" in the left "folder" pane. NetXfer has a great file manager from it was born.

>> How to add scheduler?

  1. Open "Other Settings/Schedule" tab.
  2. Click "Add".
  3. Check days and enter the start/end time.
  4. Click "OK".

>> Some streaming files could not be downloaded. Is it true?

Use HTTP protocol to try to download these files as normal ones. Sometimes RTSP can be converted to HTTP, MMS can also be converted to MMS(HTTP), even to HTTP. Please try these ways.

>> How do I bypass the click monitor of Net Transport?

There are two methods:

  1. Check "Options/Monitor/Confirmation". When dialog "Job" appears, pressing button "cancel".

  2. Uncheck "Monitor browser click" in the Drop Zone Window or Tray context (right-click) menu.

>> The "Download All By Transport" and "Download using Transport" (in IE extend context menu) options don't work. Why?

Under installation path run "DelKeys.exe /Add" to fix.

>> Why some HTTP URLs cannot be downloaded by Transport?

Some sites require referrer URL (where the user is from), for example, download NVTESetup.EXE from this site, please enter the origin into the "Job/Referrer" dialog. And some sites require cookies, please check the "Job/Other settings/Download/Cookie" item.

>> Downloaded file is not what I want or an error. For example, the downloaded file extension is "zip" but cannot be opened by WinZip. Why?

I estimate the URL does not point to the actual file but a WEB page such as acknowledgement, server selection, etc. there are two solutions:

  1. Check "Options/Monitor/Confirmation", when "Job" dialog appears the first time, pressing button "cancel", when it shows a second time, pressing "OK", because this time the URL should be real.

  2. Check "Options/Monitor/Parse URL", let Net Transport help you find the real URL, but this feature will slow down your browser.

>> How to use category management feature? How to set default download folder?

You can maintain every category except the top "Job" by menu "Category" or category window context menu. Create a new category you want to make as the default folder, then open the dialog "Job", select it in "category" field (also modify its "Directory"), and press the "Save settings" button. After jobs are finished, files will be moved to that folder automatically.

>> I found when downloading via RTSP, the progress is over 100%, but the job was still running, and I also found the temporary files under installation path were growing at the same time, which is eating my hard disk space, it's horrible.

Because the packet length of RealMedia file isn't fixed and streaming file size is evaluated and not very accurate, it's very difficult even impossible to write packet data into one file like other protocols. My resolution is, every thread downloads its dispatched part, after receiving end notify, Net Transport unites them into one final file then delete those temporary files. For better video and audio quality, every thread would download a bit extra bytes to find the resume point. Above 2 things may cause progress over 100%. So I recommend you install Net Transport under a large logical disk (8G and more), don't remind the ugly progress. In merging process, Net Transport uses nearly 100% CPU resource due to a large amount of disk operation, please be patient. Since more threads more long waiting time, I strongly recommend only run 1-2 threads every job, and check "Job/Other settings/Streaming/Delivery bandwidth" to accelerate download.